Salvo Iacono is an Italian designer, born in 1991 in Ischia, an island in the Gulf of Naples. As a 360 degree art lover and tireless traveller, Salvo has been exploring all over Europe and Oceania since 2009.

Being a fine observer, he has collected ideas along the way to create the visions of his first clothing collection in 2017. With the help of a tailoring workshop with Jasimne Hirtz, the visions have been turned into wearable garments.

Humorous and intimate in conceiving his clothing, Salvo Iacono has instinctively obtained a style that cleverly combines old school with the minimal-new age. From rock influences to hip hop, from funky to classic, the productions are versatile and pieces can be brought together in various configurations and scenarios.

True to his bloodline, keeping in line with style, class and comfort, Salvo is a ardent about fabric choice, knowing it is essential to successful and authentic fashion design, coupling the unusual and extravagant in a range of compositions and colours. He achieves his intent of precluding the familiar to unveil the unexpected.

Enjoy a look at what some may call “Vintage – Futuristic” for a fresh adaptation of what clothing can be.